Why It Matters

 The Judge of the 431st District Court in Denton County handles some of the most tragic
and heart-wrenching cases in our legal system. The bulk of this court’s cases are
Family Law and Child Protective Services cases, which directly or indirectly impact
every single one of us.

This court affects the most fundamental building block of our community – the family.
That is why we must not entrust this bench to anyone except the most experienced,
qualified and committed conservative jurist.

Derbha Jones is one of only 18 attorneys in all of Texas who are Board Certified by the Texas
Board of Legal Specialization in both Family Law and Child Welfare Law. She is also a Child
Welfare Law Specialist with the National Association of Counsel for Children, and a National
Certified Guardian with the Center for Guardian Certification. Derbha has proven and verifiable experience having  handled 600+ cases in Denton County Courts, 25+ Jury Trials In Denton County, 450+ Bench Trials decided by the Judges of Denton County. 

The other candidate in this race specializes in business law and criminal law. Those specialties are very much needed within our justice system, but are only a small portion of the types of cases handled in this courtroom. The other candidate has only handled 22 Cases in his entire career in Denton County Courts and he has only handled a little more then 100 cases in his entire legal career. The other candidate is not board certified in any area of the law, lacks the minimum legal experience to even be appointed as an attorney to represent children in CPS cases in Denton County, he has never handle a single jury trial in the Denton District Courts and he has no recent experience in family law or advocating for abused and neglected children in the courts.

The abused and neglected children of Denton County demand and deserve a voice at
the courthouse, and a judge has a special obligation to help those who cannot help
themselves. There are many references to this in the Bible, most notably the first
verses of Isaiah 10 state, “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue
oppressive decrees, you deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the
oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.”
The stakes in this election could not be higher. The futures of local families in crisis and
children in need will be irreversibly impacted by who we choose as our new judge – for
better or for worse.

Choose wisely.

Derbha Jones for Judge of the 431st District Court